How to Find Reflections of Grace in the Midst of Your Storms

Today’s Spark: How you feel about yourself on the inside is a direct #reflection of how you treat people on the outside. Let’s start with the man/woman in the #mirror. If we are critical, unforgiving, judgmental, controlling, bitter and mean towards others- we need to clean house and renew the #spirit of our #minds becauseContinue reading “How to Find Reflections of Grace in the Midst of Your Storms”

Progress Over Perfection: Five Keys to Making Miracles Happen

Do you believe in miracles? I know I do. In fact, there is one type of uncommon miracle that many of us have created in our minds that we actually strive to achieve everyday–only to fall short “occasionally”–at least as far as we are willing to admit. What’chu you talkin’ ’bout, Toy? (in the GaryContinue reading “Progress Over Perfection: Five Keys to Making Miracles Happen”

5 Key Ways to Eliminate the Fear of Success Today!

At this very moment in time, I want to speak directly to that part of you that is waiting to come out–the even more phenomenal  part of you that you’ve been keeping inside that’s ready to enjoy life with you right now.  There is a fear that isn’t talked about often, but it plagues soContinue reading “5 Key Ways to Eliminate the Fear of Success Today!”

The Sky is Not the Limit Because There are No Limits!

There! Yes, I said it and I really meant that with every fiber of my very being and all of the positive energy that is contained within me and surrounds me daily. There is a serious fallacy in the old cliche, “The sky is the limit.” This is because: There. Are. NO. Limits! The trueContinue reading “The Sky is Not the Limit Because There are No Limits!”

Top Seven Ways to Live LOVE Daily!

LOVE. This is such a well-discussed topic. How does one approach it differently than the world? The only way to do so is to see life a different way than the world. With loving comes risks when we expect there to be an exchange or reciprocity of emotions, or actions. So then the question becomes, who’sContinue reading “Top Seven Ways to Live LOVE Daily!”

Forgiveness Heals and Helps You Live

He was so hard on me. I didn’t get to have sleepovers. I didn’t get to go off to friends’ houses. I couldn’t even ride the school bus to school like the other children. He hired someone to drive me to school when he or Mom couldn’t take me. I truly lived a very protectedContinue reading “Forgiveness Heals and Helps You Live”

True Love Will Wait and True Love Will Find You

We must remember that whomever we are destined to be with was well established before the foundations of this world. Whomever God has for you is truly for you. What God brings together, no man can tear asunder. Let patience have her most perfect work first in you. Seek Him first and His true loveContinue reading “True Love Will Wait and True Love Will Find You”

Don’t Chase the Dream – Remember to Manifest Your D.R.E.A.M.!

Every second is another chance to change your life. The key is that if you can change your mind, you can immediately change your life. In other words, your perception is your reality.  Scripture to support this is found in part A of Proverbs 23:7, which states: For as he thinketh in his heart, so isContinue reading “Don’t Chase the Dream – Remember to Manifest Your D.R.E.A.M.!”