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Whether you’re starting your new business, are an established business/businessperson making a pivot in service offering, an individual who wants to get more out of life, or an organization that needs someone to come in and provide quality audits, workflow process improvement or transformational leadership, we’re here for you!


What others say

Thanks so much for arranging the training session with Toy today.  She “brought it all together” for me with lots of “aha” moments and answers to my questions.  She has developed such a treasure trove of best practices and I will adopt every one of them.  Her notes and color coding are essential for reminding her and others of why certain actions were or were not taken and I was thrilled to learn that I can use her techniques in my work.

She also explains the “why” behind steps in the processes, something I have to know as a learner – it’s just how I roll.   Since I haven’t had many cases to work on, I have been working on a written step-by-step “how to” for the LA County process since it is so different and a little more involved than other counties.  It’s not finished yet so I am going to go back into it and incorporate all that I learned from Toy today! 

She should be designated as Trainer/Explainer-in-Chief!  On top of it all, she’s a delightful person.

Toy, thanks so very much and you know I will be in touch!

― Kathleen Diamond, Amazon paralegal contract worker, 2022

Toy Parker is truly an amazing talent. Bold but humble, professional and down to earth.

I am inspired by her daily Sparks she posts on social media.

Toy always works on a level of pure excellence. I saw that in her when we were in college. I am so proud of my fellow Aggie!

Kimberly Charlene Barrett, NCA&TSU Alumni, vocalist and business owner


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