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Ultimate Sparks for a 30-Day Breakthrough

The video above is a brief snippet (raw footage) of what I shared with a recent live audience of entrepreneurs, business and education professionals as well as parents with a dream of being successful on the home front as well as in the marketplace.

As you are reading this right now, know that this is not by accident or by happen chance. All things have a Divine purpose along your journey. Know that there are solutions to every single challenge you face and they exist right inside of you. Now is the time to go inward and soar! It’s time to #IGNITEyourLife in love, life and business and live the life you have always wanted to live! It all starts with intention. Yes, it starts with you.

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There are so many people who are a prisoner of their past and some are even a prisoner to the present opinions of people who are toxic and perpetuate toxic relationships.

It’s time to understand that your have been free all along. All you needed was to have a set intention to #IGNITEyourLife and allow that momentum to propel you into your  destiny.

I am on a mission to help change the world one “spark” at a time!


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As you go about your days ahead,

don’t look for the light at the end of the tunnel any more!

IGNITEyourLife book cover reveal

Instead choose to BE THE LIGHT that blazes a trail of success as you #IGNITEyourLife from the inside out every single day of your life!

Chronicles of An Alpha Female: The LOVE Awakening

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Yes, unlike many around the globe, by the grace of God, I actually survived yet another one unscathed. I even dare to go so far as to say I actually thrived for the first time ever. I say this partly in jest and partially with the seriousness of the most upstanding librarian.

Valentine’s Day 2016 goes down in my books as a great one. Not for the reasons one would typically suspect. No travel plans. I didn’t get proposed to. I didn’t get a dozen roses or even a dinner or movie date request. Yet somehow, I received and appreciated all the love that was shown to me this past weekend in a new way. It was a bit of an awakening to love that I want to share with you to day and encourage you and yours to experience today and every day moving forward with a newly found outlook possibly for you and yours on Valentine’s Day 2017 and beyond.


I did receive lots of wonderful social media well wishes from followers, hugs in person, a red carnation from a business, a box of chocolates, some Hershey’s kisses, a special text and call, plus other texts, calls and etc. Someone even made and brought me brownies, and I even got a few other very pleasant surprises. Because my focus is now different, this Valentine’s Day was a different experience altogether for the first time in a long time. I have finally learned to love with ease and receive with peace. I absorbed the love in everything and appreciated every little thing. I thanked God for EVERYTHING as they came – whenever they came – however they came.  The most valuable gifts I received over the Valentine’s Day weekend was actually time from people I cared about the most- which is priceless.

Make no mistake: I will honestly, and truly cherish the day when I will finally remarry. That will be the day when I can say I not only received the commitment from a faithful and sincere man I know I deserve, but I actually got the engagement and wedding ring I deserved that most women take for granted to go along with it. I know, that was a loaded statement — definitely a conversation for another time. Moreover, well before February comes I’ll already know that I officially have more than just a “Valentine” or as my beautiful tween daughter schooled me earlier this month, a “Beau-thang”, which is a another conversation for yet another time.

happy Valentine's Day from me

My husband will be all that and more, of course.  Seriously, I joke often about how I’m really not cut out for this “single life” though I have learned to manage very well under all circumstances – my ex-husband, the few ex-boyfriends I can count on one hand and all.  The “backstory” if you will, can be found in my book released last Valentine’s Day on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, entitled #LiveLOVEdaily. I do much better these days than in times before for so many reasons. So, begs the question: “Toy, what in the world did you do on your Valentine’s Days before now?” I’m glad you asked!

If I didn’t have a date, I’d always have my “back-up” date with my Daddy until two years ago when he passed and he was no longer around to keep his end of our deal that if I didn’t have anyone to talk to or go out with I’d always be able to spend time with and talk to him. Yes, I realize that is a very selfish way to have looked at it, but this is a post chock full of transparency to help you #IGNITEyourLife, so thank you in advance for not judging me. That was the Daddy’s Girl inside me whining. The grown woman within was still mourning the loss. That feeling waxes and wanes, but the memories of the good times override those moments more so than not.  Grieving is a process and I’m still growing day by day.

Now is the time to live LOVE daily!

God’s love is unconditional. The more you learn to forgive and love yourself, the more you will be able to forgive the ones who hurt you. This will allow you to step by step love and receive love from the one whose heart was made to love you for who you are and who you are to become.

The funny thing is that the issue was never really what I’d do on Valentine’s Day. It’s what I used to do months before Valentine’s Day every year for at least two decades that was the most damaging to myself more than anyone. I had created this endless cycle of high expectations and subsequent let downs leading up to Valentine’s Day. Alpha Females do not like to be out of the loop or without control of situations involving them. That’s what makes us great leaders. We keep our hands on the pulse of everything to help create consistent and sustainable results.

In our love lives, we forget that the only thing we can control in personal relationships is our own behavior and our own reactions to the environments around us. You can’t fault us, really. After managing everything else and everyone else in our lives, it’s only learned behavior to think we can steer or have any type of sphere of influence in the course of our personal relationships.  We really don’t mean to be this way. We just know what we want and how we want to be treated and even loved to varied degrees.

It takes a strong man to pull the reins on us. A very special man. Believe me. Yet first, the reality remains that we must learn to pull the rein on ourselves and recognize how to surrender to love itself, which is God – who is ultimately in control of everything. I have come to learn that this is when love is truly experienced in its fullness.

Based on my collective Valentine’s Day experiences which could be a book in and of itself, I’ve also learned that I’d rather be with someone who remembers me on a regular basis and gives of himself, and his time and loves me consistently than to do one “huge” thing for me on Valentine’s Day and nothing else the rest of the year. To each their own, but as for me, I’d like to be remembered often and consistently create memories together that will last a lifetime…

For those who are clueless on the Alpha Female reference: So what is an “Alpha Female?”, you ask. This graphic summarizes it very well:


alpha female

I finally retired from trying to have any say in what happens on Valentine’s Day or any given day in my relationships. I just give love to those who choose to be in my life, whether it’s loving conversation or just a simple gesture of kindness. My motto now is “just surprise me with good surprises” – please. I have grown to ‪#‎appreciate‬ the love I receive on a regular basis rather than to put all of my ‪#‎hope‬ for ‪#‎love‬ validation in one day of the year or just on ‪#‎holidays‬. As you can tell, I’ve come a long way, believe me. LOL – Whitney Houston sang it best: The greatest love of all is the love inside of me. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. I have learned to love myself again and in the process have become more open to receiving love in unlimited ways and in abundance.

Instead of trying to micromanage what would happen on yesterday, I woke up with a blank canvas and let God fill it up and paint whatever picture He wanted me to have. Anything I received on this past ‪#‎Valentine‬‘s Day was like an accessory. ‪#‎Great‬ to have if it comes. I’m most ‪#‎grateful‬ for love I receive all the ‪#‎time‬ and great‪#‎surprises‬ from the ‪#‎heart‬ when I least expect it. That’s what ‪#‎life‬ is all about. ‪#‎reallife‬ Maximizing every moment. You truly get exactly what you focus on. Focus on love. Scripturally speaking, God’s word says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything will added unto you. I have known that scripture all of my life, but now I actually live it and am a living testimony of it.  ‪#‎LiveLOVEdaily‬ ‪#‎reallove‬

As an ‪#‎alpha‬ female, I want more than a boyfriend or one to call my “man”. I want a ‪#‎partner‬ in love, life and business I can share my joys with…ups and downs with, have fun with plus ‪#‎support‬ his ‪#‎vision‬ and ‪#‎dreams‬.‪#‎husbandmaterial‬ Simply stated: I want someone I can celebrate and share the journey of life with and create success with better than Kim and Kanye or Jay-Z and Beyonce. My vision is so expanded that I’d like to help support the new media standard of what a successful couple looks in media like by infusing faith as the coagulant that keeps the relationship impenetrable from any temptation or demise. #ForeverIsPossible #Always #NeverGiveUp #LoveWins #TrustGod


In that same vein, I also take full responsibility for my life by not creating any unnecessary stress for myself or the one I care about with what happens on a holiday determining the life or death of a relationship or being the deciding factor as to whether I had a “successful” Valentine’s Day. Looking back, I can’t believe I put that much pressure on myself or anyone else in my life. I can see clearly now the pain is gone. Truly. Literally.

Ultimately nothing can separate the one I am destined to spend the rest of my life with from me. I have entered a sweet surrender of my own life. I am so much happier now that I’ve learned to #LiveLOVEdaily and stay in a perpetual state of gratefulness. As long as I continue to love myself, I know I am loved because love daily lives in me.


photo 3

While I’m working on my next books due out this spring and summer, enjoy just one of my favorite songs below on this wonderful Valentine’s day  week from another power partner of the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network, national recording artist, photographer, videographer and more, Jason Peele of Apeeling Studios.


Wherever love comes from and whenever it finds you, remember to always be grateful!

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Today’s post is an excerpt from Toy’s next book on love

to be released Valentine’s Day 2017–

Alpha Female: LOVE Under New Management


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Beyonce Merges History, Politics, Art, and Music to Create a Social Video Conversation

Alert: This video is the original version of her song with explicit lyrics and video. The video is not for children. Cover their ears and eyes now. This post, however, is for everyone to help  #IGNITEyourLife with awareness and an open mind to view more than one perspective of what has become quite a controversial video probably unintentionally especially to the degrees of some interpretations that exist. So for today’s spark on Valentine’s Day -what do you choose to see?

So what do you see? I won’t say you’re wrong for whatever you choose to see because I am not you. In the same vein, there is a freedom of expression that liberated Beyonce to direct the video’s content which has received both praise and criticism from all races. She doesn’t care because she is making a statement to everyone about how she feels, which — last time I checked is her opinion. So what is all the fuss about? Exactly! Various opinions.

So the genius part of it all is the fact that Beyonce set rumors straight, expresses Black pride and pride in one’s heritage (Native American and Black “African-American” ) , speaks out against police brutality, encourages female empowerment, and calls for all to unite at the same time with a great hook, story line, and stellar visual production AND choreography all in one music video. Not that it hasn’t been done before, but I will say this is the most excellent I’ve seen it since the days of Michael Jackson, who she gets a lot of her influence from. I loved her Superbowl tribute to him with her outfit while performing Formation this year. However, I slightly digressed. Back to topic – the perfect blend of love, life, politics and music to create the masterpiece we now know as “Formation”.

To be clear: Music is all about perspective: Aside from the great black pride heritage references (pictures on the walls) that deal with our prominent features, hair, skin color, and ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ awareness mentions… I choose to see the other positive aspects. Here are my favorite lyrics that run through my head when I’m working out and on my grind: #IGNITEyourLife

“I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it
I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it
I twirl on my haters, ..”

“I might get your song played on the radio station, cause I slay
I might get your song played on the radio station, cause I slay
You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making, cause I slay
I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making”

“Sometimes I go off (I go off), I go hard (I go hard)
Take what’s mine (take what’s mine), I’m a star (I’m a star)
Cause I slay (slay), I slay (hey), I slay (okay), I slay (okay)
All day (okay), I slay (okay), I slay (okay), I slay (okay)
We gon’ slay (slay), gon’ slay (okay), we slay (okay), I slay (okay)”

“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”

Slang Definition of “slay”: (v.) succeed in something amazing

And as I keep bobbing my head to this song…(just like Beyonce) …I close with this:

I also saw an AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated) shout out (through our hand movement) in Beyonce’s Formation video…and possibly a shout out to at least two other sororities…DST (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated) and ZPhiB (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated) through color choices for outfits worn. I really don’t think it was coincidental. Perhaps it was.

Regardless, I feel everything happens for a reason and it purposefully called  for us to level up and “get in formation” like the Divas we are (like we do when we entertain in step shows) and slay with her on real issues (utilizing massive audiences to use our influence to bring awareness) more often than we already do. There are so many possibilities.

I’d personally love to have actual conversation with her about it all, but until then, I write this in support of her bold and successful effort to set the record straight about issues that needed to be brought to light outside of everyone’s comfort zone. Even the men beside her in black dress suits, though silent, were symbols of masculinity, respect and protection. That was powerful but again, how many noticed that? In love, life, and business, you get what you focus on. Always remember that. #IGNITEyourLife


I think one of my close friends and sisters in the Pan Hellenic Council, Shauntai DeVonne said it well also:

“I would’ve preferred to see a different side of Beyoncé visually, but who am I? I’m not a director and I am not a music entertainer. She is. She used her gift to express these issues the way she felt was best. So, I too have chosen to see the positive in it. Her song has forced people to have more conversations about race in America. To me, that’s a good thing. At least it should be!”

On Valentine’s Day, I think it’s great that there’s a song out that encourages people of color to love their features regardless of their hair texture, their nose size and bodies just the way God designed us. Self love is just as important as the love for one another as a people as individuals and in relationships. This song also is a plea for justice and equality.

We have come a long way with race relations in our country and based on the chain of events over the past decade alone, we still have a long way to go as a country. There is always hope for a better tomorrow so reality can live up to the dream. So, yes, as displayed in the newspaper in your video, Dr. Martin Luther King did more than dream. He was a drum major for justice and you, Beyonce, my dear sister, are a creative voice for the same!  As a lifelong Michael Jackson fan myself, I believe in my heart he would be so proud of you! Let freedom sing!

‪#‎AndThereYouHaveIt‬‪ #‎Edutainment‬ Kudos Beyonce for being proud of who you are and where you came from. ‪#‎KeepPushingTheEnvelope‬‪ #‎Formation‬ #SheSlay #ISlay #WeSlay

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Top 5 Ways to #RevolutionizeYourResolutions Daily

About ten to fifteen years ago or so, I decided to stop doing resolutions and challenged myself to do things to improve myself every day so by the time the new year came around I was already practicing the things I wanted to improve upon. Revolutionary? Perhaps. I’m not saying you have to do the same thing, but I am sharing this information today to challenge you to change the way you approach your “New Year’s Resolutions”every year. It’s time to #IGNITEyourLife in love, life and business in 2016 and beyond and here are the top five ways to #RevolutionizeYourResolutions every single day of your life!

  1. Do the things you fear anyway everyday. The things that we fear the most are the things we need to do the most. Our lives open up once we have the courage to walk and live in faith. Simply stated: Trust God. Period. Fear is not of God and has torment. It’s time to live!

2.  Practice #ProgressOverPerfection.  Small wins make a huge difference in terms of long-term success.   The only perfection is being perfect in Christ so understand that perfection is not reality. We can do things with excellence without being perfect. That’s one of my greatest lessons. Set out to accomplish small parts of your big goals everyday. Before you know it, you’ve achieved #BreakthroughSuccess!

3. Learn to do what makes you happy and enjoy it. Never feel guilty for enjoying your life. Make a list of what makes you happy every day and compare it to what you actually did that day. Add something from your “happy list” and put it on your “to do list” for the next day. It’s time to spice up your life your own daily dose of happiness!

4. Believe that life is working in your favor. Understand that no matter what the circumstances are in your life, God is working everything together for your good. Worrying is a waste of time. Set your intentions on praying, trusting God and igniting your life by walking out your faith daily.

5. Trust yourself more so you can achieve more. The fear of the unknown is a distraction from the reality of the success you could have by moving closer toward what you want most. Fear of success is another distraction from the reality of the work you will have to complete to maintain the level of success you are about to achieve. Trust not only that you can breakthrough your fears to achieve the success you deserve but you can delegate or reach out for help when you feel overwhelmed. Stress is a distraction from your dreams. Get out of your own way and believe that you can manage your time so you can manage your life!

The ultimate way to #IGNITEyourLife and #RevolutionizeYourResolutions is to do like Denzel Washington says and keep “falling forward” no matter what happens or comes your way! #KeepGoing #FallForward and #NeverGiveUp no matter what! You are worth it. You deserve it!the

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5 Ways to #UnleashYourInnerGenius and let MUSIC Motivate Your Mindset

MUSIC is the one thing that has been around since the beginning of time and is yet still timeless. One thing is for sure – I absolutely LOVE MUSIC. Confession: I have been a long time fan and follower of the Jackson family, their empire and legacy. My absolute favorites among them are and always will be Janet and Michael– although their mother is truly an unsung superwoman–no pun intended at all. Just as they along with their siblings went through things growing up (as we all do) and as adults endured challenges in love, life and business, (as we all do) the fact that they transferred their energy into genius work in the music and entertainment industries is most admirable and what inspires me most still today.

Janet still proves to still do the same with her recent Unbreakable CD release while still working through the grieving process after the death of her brother Michael. I can relate as I do the same energy channeling through life’s challenges as an author and creative content specialist through my own life’s work. Excellent work is truly produced through #RelentlessResilience as you #IGNITEyourLife beyond the breakthrough.

Today I want to encourage each and every one of you to #UnleashYourInnerGenius and let music motivate your mindset! Everything I do stands for something. Let me briefly share with you how to let MUSIC #IGNITEyourLife in love, life and business today!

Motivate Unlimited Success In Creativity

Love is your business.

Go ahead! Let the MUSIC play!

Motivate: I always use music to enhance my empowerment posts. The same why many listen to motivating music before during and after a great workout, I use music to motivate me while I’m writing or during video, radio or webcast production. If you’re in an office, let music help motivate your employees or colleagues. Use music to shift your energy when the negative energy tries to invade your life.

Unlimited: Choose to expand your music exposure to different genres. You’d be surprised how there are dozens of inspirational songs or empowering songs in different genres of music. Be open and try at least one new song a week. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. There are no limits to the power of music.

Success: Choose songs to celebrate your success. Music can liven your mood in many different ways. Free yourself and your inhibitions and have a “song of the day” or a “song of the week” and celebrate! When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Go ahead! You deserve it!

In: Consistently choose to listen to positive music. In that same breath, be mindful of the music that you allow into your presence and into your ears. If you are already feeling down about a relationship — do not listen to sad songs.  #IGNITEyourLife and shift your mindset to #PositivelyCharged energy! Remember, positivity in – positivity out! You get what you focus on!

Creativity: Once you are fueled with music that motivates, you open up your mind to create more of what you love to do the most! Ride the wave of energy that flows from your favorite tunes and transfer that energy into sheer genius in love, life and business! You will be surprised at what you create from the inside out after you #UnleashYourInnerGenius and allow music to help propel your faith in your abilities to achieve greatness!

Just as MUSIC is timeless— it can encourage and motivate the masses across generations. What’s your favorite motivating or empowering song? Listen to it today and let it help take you into uncharted places in achievement! NOW is the time to #IGNITEyourLife!

Unleash Your Inner Genius!

Unleash your inner genius and get your #BreakthroughSuccess today!

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Why #TheLoveFactor Makes a Difference in Relationships, Life and Business

Believe it or not, the one thing that everything great originates from is love. It’s consistent passion in motion that builds empires. It’s love that believes all and conquers all that keeps relationships which go through hell alive in spite of it all. It’s love that truly makes the world go around as it turns through the ups and downs of life. Its that ever-present energy that transcends time and miles that matters more than anything. Most importantly, it’s the love for ourselves that determines how far we excel in and thrive in love, life, and in business. It’s what I call #TheLoveFactor.

Today, so many of us walk around searching and searching for “real” love and tear up relationships meant to help us because of those in our past who have hurt us. The truth is that love itself is “real” so you don’t have to search for real love. It will reveal itself if you pay attention to the love inside of you rather than your fears. Someone missed that: Love is real. Anything outside of that is fear and a lie. Love is the truth. Love always prevails. Love never fails. Love is. Hurt people hurt people. Love didn’t hurt you. Love didn’t cheat on you. Love didn’t leave you. Love didn’t disappoint you. People did.

Now that we have brought truth to light here today beyond the lights as you read this– let’s go deeper. Let’s talk about how we can believe in impossible goals to achieve in business yet somehow many of us are unable to transfer that same energy and faith into believing that we can actually achieve a healthy and loving relationship with someone who truly loves us. Love is your business. We must love ourselves enough to feel again well after the pain. We must love ourselves enough to believe again after the rain. We must love ourselves enough to believe in love that sustains, nurtures, and maintains a real relationship that we deserve. You see, as aforementioned, love is real. There are just some relationships which aren’t real due to people who are projecting the lie they tell themselves onto the people they decide to be in a relationship with. That is an unfortunate reality but understand that there is hope. There are people who want to love and be loved in return with faithfulness, honesty, sincerity, loyalty and so much more. We just have to love ourselves enough to recognize and appreciate love when it comes to us. Love recognizes love just as game recognizes game. Just something to think about. #TheLoveFactor

Once we realize that we deserve love, we can become champions in love and overcome the pain and disappointments of the past. People are not perfect. Only Jesus is and we can be perfect in Him through our belief in Him. Love covers all. God’s love (perfect love) casts out fear. Fear has torment. It’s time for us to decide to no longer be tormented by our past without apologies. We can be conquerors in love. We can channel that energy through our personal relationships into the rest of our lives. We can set healthy boundaries and decide that we love ourselves enough to have unlimited abundance in our careers–to achieve more, our finances–to earn more, our family relationships–to fellowship more and our personal relationships with those we love–to love more. It will help us be clearer in our decisions across the board wherever we are. Clearing out that negative energy of holding onto the past makes room for more positivity, more opportunities, and most of all — more love. You are worth it. Your life deserves it. Apply #TheLoveFactor to your life today.

#IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network Enters March with the Roar of a Lion



 “Fear not, we are of the nature of the lion, and cannot descend to the destruction of mice and such small beasts.”

-Queen Elizabeth

 Toy Parker, modelpreneur, empowerment speaker, creative content, marketing and media strategist flexes her #BEASTmode in media and empowerment this month as she breaks new ground through her ever-expanding #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network, which includes, but is not limited to her speaking platform in addition to her programming within her radio and television webcast shows. This thought leader who was named one of the best media professionals of 2014 is blazing yet another trail of success around the world as she continues to rein supreme across multimedia one spark at a time!


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You can now hear #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker™ Radio on  on Sunday afternoons from 12 noon to 2 pm EST this spring in addition to its usual time prime time slot on the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network on BlogTalkRadio every Thursday at 9:30pm EST! Look for #BlazingAmazing in-studio pics this spring!

As we continue #GivingGreatness, our network is also expanding listenership to iHeart Radio, iTunes and other outlets in 2015-2016 so stay connected for more updates!


Be sure to join us the last Friday of each month for #BlazingAmazing conversation with experts around the world as Toy helps you #IGNITEyourLife #BeyondTheLights in love, life and business during her new #NOboxNOlimits BREAKTHROUGH Television Webcast Series! Click here to register for March’s episode:


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What does it take to be a successful “Goal Digger”? Toy will talk about this and more tonight at the 2015 Goal Digger Celebration TeleSummit! Click the photo above or here to register today at so you can join her tonight at 8pm EST!


Join Toy in the “DMV” (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area for her next public appearance, spoken word performance and book signing at the Lyrical Coffee House event happening at the Hilton Garden Inn in Columbia, Maryland, on March 21st! Mark your calendars now!! Toy will perform some of her award-winning poetry plus new work from her latest book of wisdom and poetry that is described as a breakthrough product in the love and romance self-help category!

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Are you ready to #IGNITEyourLife #BeyondTheLights in love, life and business with creative content, plus marketing, media, and monetary success?!!

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