We must remember that whomever we are destined to be with was well established before the foundations of this world. Whomever God has for you is truly for you. What God brings together, no man can tear asunder. Let patience have her most perfect work first in you. Seek Him first and His true love will always find you.

♥ TOY #LiveLOVEdaily

6 Comments on “True Love Will Wait and True Love Will Find You

  1. Yes it is wise to have faith but it’s just as easily smart to take action. Sometimes what God gives us is standing in right in front of you but if you don’t take action they won’t stand forever.


    • Indeed. Very good points. Faith without works is dead. That’s where discernment is paramount to actually know what you are waiting for and to recognize it and hold on to what’s best for us once God presents it to us. Thanks for sharing!


    • You are most welcome!! Thanks so much for your support! God bless you too and may His peace and abundance continue to be yours! (hugs) 😀


  2. Beautiful message! Patience is a lesson I’m learning (very imperfectly) lately and it makes such a big difference in marriage.


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