The Original “Challenge Accepted” Inspiration that took off on Instagram and Spread Across Social Media Worldwide

🔥The original reason for the challenge: #Pinar and her Turkish sisters were victims of domestic violence. It could have been any of us. Almost 20 years ago, it was me. The difference: I lived to tell about it.

I spoke out against domestic violence at one of my first workshops at North Carolina A&T State University as a new Alpha Phi initiate and still became a victim years later. It can happen to anyone.

By the grace of God, I had Nia and continue to thrive today. I’ve been divorced from that situation and the person attached to it since 2005 and God blessed me 4 years ago with My amazing Omega Man whose heart was made to love me. He loves Nia as his own. I’m beyond grateful. ❤️

I’m grateful for peace, love, passion, joy and happiness. Is he perfect? No. Am I? No. Together we’re perfect in Christ and perfectly imperfect together by the Grace of God. I’m no longer afraid. I’m finally safe. We are each other’s lighthouse of love on safe harbors.

If you’re reading this and don’t feel safe, DM me so I can send you the national domestic violence hotline. I encourage everyone to offer the same at least once during their time on “The Gram”. Let us uplift, empower, inspire and encourage each other always.

Every woman deserves respect, love and security. #justiceforpinar


#challengeaccepted #purposedrivenlife

I loved through the fire and hell to get to my Heaven on Earth 🌍 My Soul is a witness.

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