We Still Want Justice Beyond Symbolic Gestures

We need financial reparations and reconstruction of the systems designed to stifle our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

We helped build this country and deserve the civil liberties and “justice for ALL” that this Republic promises to Americans. We are Americans. Stop systemically killing us. End systemic racism and rebuild this country to be a true land of opportunity and actual United States that we declare we are!🔥

Protesters are arrested and charged with a federal crime without a second thought, but her murderers are still free and enjoying life?
This is NOT the true “American Way”.

While many important truths are coming out…🔥 Did you know? The history of systemic racism runs throughout the very fabric of this country. Unraveling it and reconstructing the fabric will truly take concerted action and efforts to achieve justice AND equality! 🔥

This is why the twenty dollar bill must be changed on both sides. The philosophy of racism is both covert and overt and deeply imbedded within our nation’s culture.
Did you know this? They should be celebrated!
There’s so much more US History to learn!

True awareness during this “New Enlightenment Era” starts with all of us. Together, we must rebuild this nation. We must correct the education system where it all begins and make the crooked places straight in our legal, banking and housing systems. These contain the heartbeat of institutionalized racism that plagued our nation. We’re now exposed as a nation, but the beauty is that we are able to make a more perfect Union!

We must be the change we seek today!
We must continue to speak up in our homes and communities we comprise.
We need to think before saying cliche phrases. Let us remember that people with melanin are human beings with the same rights as those lacking melanin. There is only one race – the human race. No more systemic genocide.
Thank you to ALL in the fight against racism!
Psalm 91 Protection for everyone 🙏🏽

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