Patience Promotes Progress: Five Ways To Nurture and Preserve Long-Lasting Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, there are so many times that the notion of being hurt or the fear of not getting the love I know I deserve has actually been enough to just make me want to throw my hands up and not just throw in the towel, but toss the towel out of the nearest window. Seriously. You want to talk about frustrated? Been there. Done THAT. But that’s not what this post is about. I’m solution oriented so I choose to focus on what I want and how to get there so I can help others on their journey. Amazingly enough–in spite of all I’ve been through, there’s something inside of me that never gives up. There’s something inside of me that just. keeps. loving anyway. I have concluded that it is because I am love and God’s love is so powerfully strong inside of me that it endures in spite of all circumstances. So then the question becomes: How can one actually have and maintain a successful relationship? The truth is since no one is perfect there will be a time when someone will get hurt. Someone will get disappointed. It’s how you work through those moments with the person you love that makes the greatest difference. That’s what we are going to talk about today–how patience promotes progress. Today, we will discuss the Top Five ways to Nurture and Preserve Long-Lasting Relationships.

1 – Meet People Where they Are.  There comes a time where you must relinquish your need for control and remember that the only person you can control is yourself. It is your perception of your environment and your response to your environment that matters. Accept people as they are where they are in their lives and that will help you to flow better on your own journey.

2- Pray More Complain Less. It’s time to shift your focus and draw your attention to what matters most. To get more of what you want out of life focus on what you want. Instead of complaining about the things you don’t like or the traits about a person you don’t like, give those issues to God who is the one in control of everything. Stay in your lane. Focus on you.

3- Be More Patient with Yourself. I can’t stress this enough. The judgments upon others you place is nothing more than how you really feel about yourself. Forgive yourself so you can free yourself from your own prison of condemnation. This will allow you to have the compassion needed to forgive others.  When you are patient with yourself, you can be more patient with those around you.

4- Forgiving is Healing. After you have finally forgiven yourself, now you can release the judgement you have on others. This is critical to forgiveness. The act of forgiving is never for the other person. It’s really for you. Once you’ve completed the act of forgiveness, you have eliminated negative energy and replaced it with positive energy (love).  You will feel so much better and will be better able to concentrate on the things that really matter in life– the things that truly make you happy.

5- The Attitude of Gratitude is the Best Defense Against Failure. When was the last time you just took time out to thank God for the things you do have, for the people who are good to you and for the things that are happening in your life that do make you happy? There’s no better time to do that than the present. Now is the time to allow your gratitude of what you do have to help propel you into the life you want. Perpetual praise is the key to success.

Focus your attention and energy toward the people who do support you, the ones who do love you, the moments that make you happy and the money you are making. The old saying and song “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative” is actually more than just a notion. It is the key that unlocks the rest of your life that you want for yourself and your family. It is the key to building healthy relationships that last with a foundation that is solid enough to sustain you and the ones you love for a lifetime. Indeed the ultimate key is patience. Patience promotes this type of progress. Try it today. You deserve it. What do you have to lose? Nothing.  After all, doesn’t your life deserve– progress? 

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