You Are Special Everyday so #LiveLOVEdaily


Today’s (Valentine’s Day) Spark:

“As women, we should never be starving for attention or recognition on this day. The men in our lives should help us feel appreciated and special on a regular basis so by the time this day comes around it’s just a pleasant plus, not a defining moment of our worth.” -Toy Parker

To those who are single: Take your time to prepare so you can enter in a marriage one day as a complete person in Christ with no baggage and one who is able to receive and give God’s love as it dwells in you. This is the best gift you can take into your marriage when the time comes.

To those who are married: Sharpen ALL skills to be the best wife you can be daily. It’s a privilege, and a gift from God, not a right.

To Everyone (Men and Women): Always remember the grass is only greener where you water it. Enjoy where you are in the process, wherever God has you because you attract exactly what you are. If you want more- #IgniteYourLife and be more to get more out of life!

How do I know? I’ve been on both sides. I’ve learned my lessons and now I help others #LiveLOVEdaily.

Though I have no clue how many years from now it will be, I am certain that my next and true marriage will last forever.

Until then, I’m taking life one day at a time and maximizing every moment in my meantime however long God chooses for that to be because I trust Him!

#LiveLOVEdaily #TrustGod #Success


#ValentinesDay #Muah #Wisdom #Love


  1. Hi Toy,

    You bring up some good points about being happy where you are in the process. I’ve come to realize that as an entrepreneur and that even though I have my goals and dreams. I will never reach them in a sense where if I did, I would be bored if that makes sense. I say this with a sense where I’m constantly growing each and every day. It will never end until I take my last breath. Thanks for the inspiring post!


    • Thanks so much! Yes, it makes perfect sense. Life is a process- enjoy the journey! As long as you are living, ideas and goals will be continuous. There will always be another great and amazing thing to achieve! That’s what makes life so wonderful!


  2. Very nice article Toy! Very cool points. I would like to add one if I may, and that’s to Love Yourself. Not matter if you’re single or in a relationship. It all starts with loving yourself. Thanks for this great post Toy!


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