Where Are YOU On Your To Do List?

Today’s Spark: Be sure to maintain a laser sharp focus to achieve your professional and personal goals. Make sure you stay at the top of your to-do list daily so you can experience the fulfillment needed to share yourself with the rest of the world.


Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today: Create success through NOW moments. Make that important phone call or calls you need to make, get those books read and written, prepare and practice your presentations, complete those items on your to do list one at a time, make time to exercise, and make time to grow and develop your businesses or start one if you don’t have one yet to ignite your passion to make a difference in the world we comprise.

Tell the ones you love and care about that you love and appreciate them. Hug and love on your children and grands. Maintain balance – don’t forget to smell the roses during the grind of life. Always pause to create daily memories that will last a lifetime!

And above all-whatever you do-NEVER let the illusion of what you are going through keep you from what God has destined for you!



#NeverGiveUp #IgniteYourLife

#EPICLIFENOW #Encouragement

#success #love #life #lovelife


  1. I love that song by Mandisa. Everything what she says is very true. At first when I heard the song on the christian radio, I thought it was a cool song but it changed when I saw the video. Very inspiring.


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