Love is Your Business: Pursue. Take Risks. Believe. Achieve.

Uncertainty. Fear of the unknown. What if things don’t work out? These thoughts are all a natural response to the beginning phases of something meaningful: a real relationship based on real feelings. After all, if one wasn’t concerned about the outcome, would it really be worth pursuing? Of course not. That’s because anything worth having is truly worth risking the fight to pursue it and benefit from the victory.

Redefine your destiny. Why is it that we can have so much confidence in business goals to achieve what we know deep down inside are virtually impossible? Yet, somehow, through determination, persistence and perseverance we manage to actually make what at first looked impossible happen anyway against all odds. When it comes to relationships, why do we begin to doubt our abilities to achieve success? Why do we have faith in our business risks but sometimes lack faith in risks involving relationships? The same fears of failure exist. The playing fields are even in terms of challenges. Are we more comfortable on one field than another? Examine and assess.

Increase your faith IQ beyond business risks. How does one apply the business practices to the relationship field? The playing field may be different but the rules are the same. It takes collaborative effort (teamwork), effective communication, faith in the ability to achieve (confidence), determination, perseverance, drive, focus, and all the factors that go into winning in the business world, and on the playing field in sports, to win at love.

Be innovative. Break the love barrier and dare to go into unchartered waters. After all, how is doing the same thing over and over working for you? Exactly. What good is it to be successful and have the career, and all the money you need and have not the one thing that can keep your heart smiling for a lifetime: a chance to finally get it right at love. You won’t know until you try.

Never give up. How do you know you will get it right when you set out to do anything? You don’t, but you try anyway. How do you know you will get your next promotion? You don’t, but you keep trying anyway, don’t you? Yes. Why? Because you believe that it is possible. Because you have an innate desire for success. You believe the intangible to be tangible and you attach your faith to it until it manifests. So what’s stopping you when it comes to love? The fear of the unknown. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Face your fears and win. We face fears on a day-to-day basis in business and overcome each flying obstacle with finesse. Why not apply that very same positive perspective and high-octane energy to every field of human endeavor–including relationships? Love can be successful. Pursue. Risk. Believe. Achieve.

Spiritual food for thought: Scripturally speaking, I John 4:18 states: There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment (torment). Don’t let the devil steal your destiny.  Breakthrough to the other side where the unknown is. Confidence is merely a focused positive perspective. Just as your team needs your confidence in them to succeed, your mate will need to know you believe in them too. What motivates you to succeed in business?  Apply that same motivation to your love life and watch the return on your investment. Stay the course. Win. Celebrate.



  1. This is great Toy!
    Cultivating a healthy relationship is one of the most courageous and wondrous things you can do. Trust, intimacy and communication are the bricks that offer a sound structure to any healthy union and allow it to flourish into a glorious loving merger. 🙂
    Healthy Blessings,
    Gena Livings – Healthy Living


  2. Toy,

    It is great advise for people to use the same ideas and methodologies in all areas of life because in fact, they all work the same.




  3. That is one thing that I always try to focus on: never giving up. I have been through some rough times before and I have felt hopeless but in the end I have to remember what I have to life for. Get up and move past it.


    • Exactly, Jennifer! You can do it – stay encouraged and keep living love daily. It will always return to you – and often in surprising ways and when you least expect it!


  4. Hi Toy,

    Sometimes you have to risk something for greater gain. So, let’s say for the sake of the conversation we do fail forward. So, you fail, then you just get right back up and keep moving again! Love today’s message!


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