What is God’s balance in your time bank?

We consider quality time to be special time set aside for our loved ones. We cut our smartphones off and shutdown our laptops when it is time to be with that special someone. We don’t answer emails. We don’t answer calls. We don’t even return texts or sneak peeks at Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites during this very special time. It is sacred.

Let’s examine our daily routine and crunch the real numbers when it comes to God’s time with us. How much time for God do we really carve out of our 24 hour day that He blessed us with? Your answer may surprise you.

Be alarmed so changes can be made where necessary.  The question is, what are we going to do regarding the information we discover?

Reflect. Regroup. Improve. God is such a gentleman, He is not going to demand your time.  However, at some point, willingly or unwillingly–He is going to have your undivided attention. Which way would you rather have it?

Just when we think we are spending “a lot” of time with Him, hopefully we are coming to the reality that we can always do more to make more time for God in our daily living.

When you keep your mind on Him you stay in perfect peace. Peace is priceless, just like time itself. That isn’t ironic but instead Divine Intervention from our omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent Father who cares about all 24 hours He blesses us with daily. 

How are we spending His time? We always say, “My time is precious”.  Do we need to rephrase that so we can better prioritize time?  Perhaps, if we changed our perspective of time, we would consistently spend more of it praising Him and seeking His face for the course of our lives–because after all–His time is both precious and sacred.


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