Chronicles of a My Tween Who is Now a Teen!

Chronicles of a Tween Mom (Mom of a Tween) : Fashionista Adventures 2015 Book Trailer

Chronicles of a Tween Mom: Fashionista Adventures 2014 Book Trailer


Enjoy these general snippets from my new book: Chronicles of a Tween Mom! This will be a self-help book for parents and their delightful tween daughters.  

One of four Web Series broadcasts on the ‪#‎IGNITEyourLife‬ with Toy Parker Radio and Television Network:

Random Episode: “Understanding Your Purpose”

Nia: Mommy I’m so glad you named me Nia!

Me: You’re welcome, Honey! I named you that so you will never forget you have purpose and your life has a purpose to fulfill to impact the world.

Nia: Thank you Mommy! Plus I get gifts today because it’s the fifth day of Kwanzaa! It’s MY day!

Me: Yes, you will from me because I want us to always celebrate your purpose in this world. Giving birth to you both changed and saved my life. I thank God for you everyday!

Nia: (Hugs) So Mom, during Christmas time, how did it feel to hear your name all the time everywhere knowing no one is talking to you?!

Me: (Jaw Drop, head tilt, BlankStare) LOL You tried it! Well I never thought about it that way but it doesn’t matter since I’m no one to play with! (smiling) I know my purpose!

Nia: Niiiiiice Mommy! I know that’s right! (High Five)

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Be sure to keep returning here to enjoy more episodes leading up to the special #ChroniclesOfATweenMom Google Hangout and the book release in March of 2015!


‪#‎FunFriday‬ Random Episode:

Mom: Do you know who you and Nia remind me of?

(I’m thinking of celebrity Mom and child names…thinking…)

Random Episode: “FaceTime Real Talk & Real Life”

Nia couldn’t sleep this morning, so she FaceTimed me and we had been talking and praying together about what’s on her heart and mind at this late hour for about an hour. She still couldn’t sleep after that and asked me to sing a special song for her. So I sang this one to her three times, replacing her name for the word baby as she is far from a baby at this point in her life. Each time my voice got stronger and stronger but with just as many tears each time. The last time, her eyes were weary and finally, she was falling asleep right at the end of the song. I watched her pull her covers over her and with one eye half-open, she watched me as I blew her a kiss goodnight and ended the FaceTime session. ‪#‎Grateful‬

As a single mother by way of divorce and the custodial parent raising her on my own over the past ten years, I believe this FaceTime session was just as therapeutic for me as it was for her. Ten years later. Imagine that. Powerful. God still continues to keep us and I trust God that He always will continue to even after my “Boaz” follows his (GPS-God Positioning System) and takes his rightful place in our lives as the one who will love both of us for a lifetime and show it daily. ‪#‎PassionWithPurpose‬

To all single mothers by way of any circumstance, know He is able and He will continuously heal you & your child(ren) in Jesus’ name. Continue to trust Him. I do. ‪#‎40LessonsLearnedBefore40‬

‪#‎RealTalk‬ ‪#‎ThanksForMyChild‬ ‪#‎ChroniclesOfATweenMom‬‪#‎SingleMompreneur‬ ‪#‎Mompreneur‬ ‪#‎Tweens‬ ‪#‎Parenting‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎RealLove‬‪#‎BetterNotBitter‬ ‪#‎RealLife‬ ‪#‎LiveLOVEdaily‬ ‪#‎Gratitude‬ ‪#‎Deliverance‬ ‪#‎Healing‬‪#‎Thankful‬ ‪#‎IGNITEyourLife‬

Random Episode: “20 Questions”

a she said this would be fun

Okay this picture accurately depicts me and Nia on that ride that goes all the way up to the ceiling of the amusement park and comes down really fast and- repeats several times! #LetMeExplain

Nia and I go through changes every time it’s time to get on a scarry ride.

We even asked the attendant several questions before getting strapped in. Clearly we were not ready! ROTFL!

Nia: My glasses won’t fall off will they?
Attendant: No, you’ll be fine.
Nia: Can I keep my shoes on?
Attendant: You’re fine.
Me: Will the harness be tight enough so I won’t slip out?
Attendant: Yes, you’ll be fine.

Nia and I looked at each other and gave each other the “We can do THIS” look. ROTFL

And that was all she wrote. Screams followed followed by us hysterically laughing at each other’s reactions during the ride as we held hands and called on Jesus. #StraightComedy

As for the attendant, we shared how we hadn’t done the ride in about four years. Like a presidential election he said see you in the next four years…LOL

#FunTimes #AmusmentParks
#Tweens #Parenting #EnjoyLife


#MLKDay Episode:
“Looks Like Another Love P-T-O!”

Sooo, we’re at the dinner table talking and I asked Nia to go get me something from another room and she says (with a straight face, eyebrow movement, expressions AND a head tilt), “Hey, Mommy-I’m off duty-I don’t recall punching in today. After all, it’s a HOLIDAY!”

Me: (Jaw Drop and THE Biggest Blank Stare EVER with a pregnant pause) #JesusTakeTheWheelAndShiftTheGears

Nia: (after studying my face and reading it correctly) “I am reeeeally TRIPPING! Let me pick myself up real quick! (Takes off running to get whatever I told her to get because by now I don’t even remember.)

Me: (After she puts item in my hand) “I’m sure glad you came to your senses because THIS HOLIDAY usually doesn’t come with fireworks…”

#ChroniclesOfATweenMom #LivingOnTheEdgeOfComedy
#Tweens #Comedy #Children

Random Episode: “Skyper, No Skyping!” – Sooooo Nia and I are at one of our favorite restaurants today with our electronic devices discussing our dreams and doing our “Dream to Reality” planning session. Proud Mom moment for sure. Then I blinked and entered #ADifferentWorld

Suddeny she reaches for MY earbuds, plugs them into her Kindle,  starts talking and giving her friends tips on how to have better online experience with their applications in KIK and SKYPE from her Kindle. While beside me this whole time, she has coordinated and created her own hangout of sorts with three friends on SKYPE while sitting beside me and suddenly I’m live waving hi with the “I don’t know how we got to this moment in my life but I’m pretty sure I will write about it -face” (blank stare) Then when done, she asks me: “When are you going to do YOUR Google Hangout you learned how to do?” (Blank stare again with an ever so dramatic jaw drop) Needless to say, my LIVE #IgniteYourLife and #EPICLIFENOW hangouts will be in full effect very soon!

Shauntai DeVonne, Ruthmarie Mitchell, Lonice Robinson, Robin Scott, Cheryl Wood, Stacie , Darlene , Ashley , all #HLICs and so many other supporters out there- It’s on! 2014 – NO LIMITS!

#ChroniclesOfATweenMom #SocialSyndication #IJustCantMakeThisStuffUp
#BestYear2014 #NeverADullMoment
#ILoveThisLittleGirlSoMuch #TakeAction
#DreamsToReality #RapidResults

Random Episode: “Communication is the Key to Happiness” Nia’s Friend: “My phone isn’t working so I’m going to have my mom kick me and then I’ll kick your daughter. Me: **blank stare** **hourglass spinning** Nia jumps in: “Great! Mom, is it okay if she kicks me?” Me: “Nia. No one. Can. Kick. You. What? Huh? **room spinning** Nia: “Noooo, Mommy! My phone, remember the application I told you about, the ‘Kik’ app!” Me: **light bulb moment** Ohhhhhh! Sure she can touch base with you by phone for the practice time. Everyone: laughing out loud! #AmIgettingOld #Iwillneversayhitmeuponmycellagain #WhatJustHappened #ChroniclesOfATweenMom #CellPhoneSignalsGotCrossedUp

Random Episode: “Fashion and ‘Justice’ for All” – (In the car before we went into her favorite tween clothing store) Nia: “Mommy, I think it’s really cool that you can fit some of the same clothes I can fit in at my favorite store. I think it’s soo cool!” Me: “Awww. That’s so sweet of you to say, Honey.” (Once we were inside the store) Me: “Ooou, this is CUTE! I may have to get this for myself after all in my size!!” Nia: “Shhhhhhhh. Not so loud, Mommy…Not so loud…” Me: **blank stare** LOL!  #ButYouThoughtItWasSoCoolJustMinutesAgo #ChroniclesOfATweenMom #GrowingJoys #PerfectPlaceForABookSigningOneDay

Random Episode: “Then Comes the Carriage” Me: Whenever I remarry, if God blesses me with another little girl, I think I want to name her, “Grace”. Five is my favorite number for so many reasons and it represents grace. I named you Nia because you have a purpose. So then there will be Purpose and Grace. Nia: After I get married, I want a son and I’m going to name him, Abel, because I want him to know he is well able and can do all things! Me: *blank stare* “Wow!” “That’s beautiful honey! Nia: “You’re going to put that in your book, aren’t you, Mommy?” Me: LOL, Yep! Nia: (smiles) #AllSmiles #ChroniclesOfATweenMom #ProudMom #NeverADullMoment

Random Episode: “Look Who’s Talking” Me: “Nia, go clean your room now or you will have no playdate today!” Nia: “I am Mommy but I have to finish painting my nails first. I have to learn to put myself first–that’s what you’re finally doing so I’m going to do that too.” Me: *blank stare* TOY #Ididn‘tSeeThatOneComing #DidSheJustSayNoInASlickWay #JesusTakeTheWheel #ChroniclesOfATweenMom

Random Episode: “Go-Go Budget Mom” at Checkout – Me: “That subtotal is not a good fit for the budget…Nia you know what’s up!” Nia: “yes, ma’am!” We started grabbing items left and right declaring, “impulse!” or “mandatory!” By the time we were done putting away the impulse items, the subtotal was cut in HALF. The cashier said, “Ma’am, you are my inspiration! I am going to do that next time!” Nia: “Mommy, that’s what I’m talking about!” Nia and I gave each other a high five and this Mom is one happy shopper! #BacktoSchoolShoppingPartDuex #SaveMoneyHoney #YouDontHaveToSpendALotToBeTheBoss #ChroniclesOfATweenMom

Random Episode: “Priorities” – Nia – “Mommy I love you so much I can’t stop loving you.” Me -“I love you very much too!” Nia – “You do know that I love God more than I love you, right?” Me- *blank stare and smile* Amen, Nia. Amen… #ChroniclesOfATweenMom #loveMySunshine #grateful #AsForMeAndMyHouse

Random Episode: “Where’s Hannah Montana?”—Nia and I had discussion this week about the Miley Cyrus situation… Nia: “What’s wrong with Miley, Mommy? Is this the real Miley Cyrus?” Me: “I’m not sure honey, she appears to be seeking attention in all the wrong ways, nowadays. Just pray for her. No judgements here.” Nia: “Where are her parents?” Me: “I’m not sure honey, but I’m sure they know about it by now. Pray for them too.” Nia: “I won’t do that to you Mommy when I become famous. That’s shaaaaameful.” Me: “Thanks, honey. You’re so thoughtful. I appreciate that.” Nia: “So, where is the next Disney audition?” Me: **blank stare** #ItWasASetup LOL #ChroniclesOfATweenMom #MyNextBook #PrayersForMileyCyrus #HopeForYouthToday

Random Episode: “Big Bang Theory” Nia walks in with hair in face asking for me to cut a bang for her. I told her “ but I’ll swoop some hair to the side for you.” She smiled and walked away a happy child. #GrowingJoys #Compromise #MoreChroniclesOfATweenMom LOL

Random Episode “Tween Crush” : Mom said the day would come when my Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, New Edition …(boy band) phases would come back to haunt me… #OneDirectionDisplayInStorePlusNiasReaction #IwasntReady #ChroniclesOfaTweenMomContinues

Random Episode “Superheroes” : Nia- “That character’s voice in this movie sounds like Snoopy Dog.” Me- “..honey Snoopy doesn’t talk, I think you mean Snoop Dog.” Nia- “Oh, yeah why does he call himself a dog?” Me- “I’m not sure. People said he looked like one. Well I think he calls himself a lion now.” Nia- “Snoop lion? So is his hair bigger to look like one?” Me- “LOL He now feels more powerful inside. He changed his name to create a different image like Puff Daddy.” Nia- “he named himself after the Power Puff girls? Who does that?” Me- LOL *blank stare* LOL. Me- never mind honey… #ChroniclesOfaTweenMom


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    1. You’re most welcome and thanks so much, Virginia! I’ve finished one book, started on another, and now working on this one…Not sure which one will get published first but I’m still so very excited about each of the projects. Thanks so much again for your support!


  1. Kids say some of the funniest things – even when they’re older! I write a Friday Funnies on my blog every Friday, because my 3-year old is always doing or saying something hilarious:)


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