Love is not something to wait for but rather something to experience and to be everyday. This book is a must have for anyone ready to BREAKTHROUGH in love and #IGNITEyourLife in romance from the inside out! That’s right! It’s time to #LiveLOVEdaily!

Welcome to a candid conversation about love enveloped within the beauty of poetry! This is the initial discussion about how to #LiveLOVEdaily and actually apply #TheLoveFactor to your life–specifically in the world of romance. Whether you are widowed, married, divorced, single or separated, this is a talk that provides wisdom and hope for all who dare to stay determined to enjoy love to the full every single day of their lives! Your breakthrough in love starts now!

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More is coming!! Check back often for bookstore updates!!

Coming Thanksgiving 2015

chronicles_of_a_tween_mom_fashionista_adventures_by_toy_parker-cover photo for FB


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