🔥About the Author, Speaker, and Soulpreneur

“When times are dark, decide to #IGNITEyourLife and be the light in the tunnel so you can blaze a path to your Breakthrough Success ™️!” –Toy Parker

Toy Parker of www.toyparker.com , currently ignites the lives of audiences as an emcee, radio and television host while on the speaking circuit against all odds through her #IGNITEyourLife platform, movement, and during virtual and in person experiences with Toy – your Soulpreneur™️.

(IGNITE = Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy)

Her work over her past 20 plus years in broadcasting alone while overcoming racism, sexism, ageism, and her own battle with high-functioning anxiety has prepared her for her life’s assignment to empower and create breakthrough success in the lives of millions around the world in love, life and business. Through her creation and leadership of the #IGNITEyourLife platform and movement, she has earned her rightful place as an Empowerment Expert featured on selfgrowth.com, the number one self-improvement site on the internet! This just grazes the surface of accomplishments of this dynamic empowerment leader.

Toy is additionally a professional level public speaker with 20 plus years experience in empowering audiences in cities, universities, corporations, churches and groups of all sizes. By the grace of God, her #IGNITEyourLife platform started in 2014 has also expanded to include but is not limited to an online Network which has a worldwide audience of listeners and viewers.

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Parker, who was named one of the Best Media Professionals of 2014, and who received the Raleigh Resilience Woman of the Year Award in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2016, is also an internationally published poet, spoken word artist, a five-time Editor’s Choice Award winner from the International Library of Poetry and a 2009-2010 Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs award recipient.

She has performed as an actress in local and national commercials and even graced the stage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as a performer in the 2001 National Black Theatre Festival and is a former local spokesmodel for Cadillac, Covergirl, and Oil of Olay. Toy is also a former Personal Development instructor and modeling instructor for John Robert Powers and a former modeling and acting instructor for John Casablancas.

Toy has served as a guest speaker along side Darlene Brown, Cheryl Wood and other dynamic empowerment speakers
over this past decade alone!

Her journalism roots were nurtured 20 years ago prior to her graduation from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, as she paid her dues early on as a former news producer for WTVD-11, WGHP-8, and WFMY-2. Aside from her previous work as host for “Sunset Jazz” on FM 90.1 in Greensboro, and her work from 2004 to 2010 as the voiceover talent for New Visions and Destiny on The Word Network internationally and on local stations across North Carolina– in recent decades she moved within the flow of technology in the field of communications effortlessly and served as the first African American female Internet Director and Business Development Manager for Hendrick Cadillac at the Cary Auto Mall.

Additionally, many of her corporate writings and marketing materials created can be found in corporate materials distributed throughout Aetna, Cigna, and Hendrick Cadillac Buick GMC today. Parker is a certified Internet Manager as well as a certified Finance and Insurance professional.

Through her sales and marketing savvy in 2015, her leadership and partnership with the Raleigh Region of Fitness Connection helped one of their clubs hold the number one ranking in the nation within the company and helped other clubs stay within the top three in the region consecutive months in sales.

Toy is best known in the business world (across multiple industries) for taking businesses/departments in trouble and turning them around with a blueprint model for perpetual breakthrough success through her proven marketing, business and media strategies! Still today, she continues to help businesses grow and even extends her reach to law offices to help improve workflow processes, reputation management, case flow efficiency, and overall profitability via the quality work she delivers.

She gives back to the community through her organized grassroots efforts to help redevelop urban areas in the cities she lives in, by speaking out and educating audiences on the damaging effects of domestic violence on families and children, initiates courageous conversations in schools, businesses and universities about mental health awareness, and by mentoring young women across the country.

She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, WE WIN (Women Empowering Women In Networking), and the National Association of Females in Music and Entertainment. Toy is also a member of the Women’s Speaker Association, and is featured on many radio talk shows and webcast broadcasts around the world. She is also a member of the North Carolina Consumers Council.

Parker continues her work today as a published author, free-lance contributing writer, publicist, public speaker, corporate trainer, media and marketing strategist, paralegal as well as the founder of Live Wire Productions Plus, which provides professional writing, business, marketing and media consulting services to clients around the world. She is also the founder, producer and host for the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network. She is often called upon as a media talent/host for events across the state and up and down the east coast and around the world virtually.

This dynamic radio and television show host is referred to as an Empowerment Engineer™️ and Soulpreneur™️ who helps everyone she encounters overcome fears and challenges to achieve the breakthrough success in love, life and business they deserve today!

Her second 2014 book release, #Live LOVE Daily is still a benchmark of empowerment for men and women of relationship levels around the world. Her third, fourth, and fifth books: Marketing Intelligence in a Social World, Chronicles of an Alpha Female: LOVE Under New Management and #IGNITEyourLife: Ultimate Sparks for a 30 Day Breakthrough–are all set for release during different quarters of 2024!

Click below to buy and read on your electronic device today! http://www.bit.ly/BuyLiveLOVEdaily
Click below to buy and read on your electronic device today! http://www.bit.ly/BuyLiveLOVEdaily

Toy undoubtedly has a heart for empowering others. Through her #IGNITEyourlife brand (Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy) and her #LiveLOVEdaily brand (Living Our Vision Everyday), Toy wants to leave a legacy of empowerment, positivity, and love by way of the Holy Spirit. She seeks to help everyone she meets be the CEO of their lives and know themselves enough to have a clear understanding of what they want out of life, and learn how to execute their plan to bring those desires into fruition with the grace of God.

In that same vein, she also seeks to help others be strong enough to step up in faith without knowing the next step when called upon to lead and have wisdom to know when it is time to delegate and empower others to lead. She lives a life driven by the love of God which penetrates the hearts and minds of those she inspires, leads, and protects. Toy helps to encourage everyone to never give up on their dreams and to understand that dreams do not have an expiration date. She is a firm believer that all dreams can come to pass in God’s perfect timing for their lives as long as they are willing to believe and never give up.

Join Toy on her quest to encourage everyone to love the skin they are in and enjoy life forever as the person God created them to be–today! While waiting for her highly-anticipated book releases, you can also read Toy’s articles on this website.

Toy is an empowerment, mindfulness and wellness thought leader whose power-packed messages have impacted cities, universities and corporations–gaining well-deserved respect among her peers in the speaking community, politicians, public officials, and other influential leaders. She was an active grassroots participant in the Downtown Greensboro redevelopment project in the 90’s, served as NAACP President during matriculation at her now Alma Mater North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University where she received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Political Science in fall of 1998. Toy also served as Chief Voting Precinct Judge for the Aggies and received the Student Leadership Award prior to graduation while working as a News Producer at Fox 8 WGHP in High Point North Carolina.

She has since completed MBA coursework at Strayer University and completed her pre-law (post graduate) studies in the Paralegal Department at American Bar Association Approved Meredith College in May of 2020. Toy is specifically an active member of the Omega Lambda Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and Spring 1997 initiate of the Alpha Phi Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Toy continues to make her hometown proud with additional Public Relations and Media work endorsements from music industry legend and former podcast guest Bunny DeBarge, other music industry legends, media pioneer and former podcast guest Pam Saulsby, international empowerment speaker and former podcast guest Les Brown and so many others.

Quotes by
Toy Parker:

“Do not look for the light at the end of the tunnel! Be the light in the tunnel and blaze your path to your breakthrough success!”

“I am not here to impress, but I was born to impact.”

“Always finish what you start. In order to do so you need Clarity, and Consistency, which will in turn yield a sense of Completion. These are the New 3Cs of love, business, and life!”

“There is nothing in your past that can help you reach your future except your lessons learned!”

“The attitude of gratitude is the best defense against failure!”

“It’s time to rise to a higher level of humanity and shine over the shade in our lives!”

“Passion fuels success!”

“Change happens from the inside out! Choose to #IGNITEyourLife!”

IGNITE = Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy™️



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