It’s Past Time to Humanize Being a Person with Melanin! (End Institutionalized Racism)

There are thousands of names and now one more is added: Jacob Blake. The only difference is that this time the victim actually lived to tell his side of the story. The other difference is people in America of ALL races are fed up with this type of implicit bias, systemic racism, The Empire of institutionalized racism is on the brink of finally falling apart at the seams.

My heart and prayers go out to Jacob Blake’s children and the countless other children and witnesses who are now traumatized for life. This country must atone for its millions or dare I say trillions of sins against the people who built this country on their backs through both free AND unjustly paid labor. 🔥

America needs a deep therapy session in order to even acknowledge the wrongs over generations. Proof of this is in the comments made last night during the Republican National Convention. Don’t just take my word for it. Please do your own research, read the news highlights and watch the news reels which reveal the huge and ever-growing rip in the very fabric of our society and nation.

Well stated. Prayerfully people from all backgrounds will continue to speak out.

CNN reported today that police shot Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, at close range Sunday evening as he tried to enter an SUV. In the vehicle were his 3-, 5- and 8-year-old sons, family attorney Ben Crump said.

Following the shooting, the injured man was flown to a hospital in Milwaukee. He remained in intensive care late Monday, his lawyer said.

“Thank God he’s alive,” Jacob Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake, told CNN. “We’re just praying for a great recovery, that he may have a great quality of life and that his father, my brother, can enjoy him.”

Only police reform will stop protests, Crump says

Enraged protesters poured onto the streets Sunday evening after video of the shooting circulated on social media. In it, two officers trail a step or two behind Blake as he walks around a gray SUV. As he reaches the driver door and opens it, the nearest officer grabs the tail of Blake’s tank top, and seven shots are heard, followed by a sustained sound of a car horn as Blake collapses into the car.

Per CNN, two Kenosha officers are on administrative leave. The local police union has urged the public to withhold judgment until a state investigation is complete.

Excerpts are from the article titled, “Kenosha becomes center of nationwide protests after police shoot Black man in front of his children”, by Eliott C. McLaughlin and Christina Maxouris, CNN
Updated 9:25 AM EDT, Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

My friend Dr. Jai Armstrong said it best!
This is the way we must shift our perspective from what happened to what needs to happen in preparation for what’s to come.
We cannot let the world forget her and countless others who were senselessly murdered by police.
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Thank you to all allies. We appreciate you!
There are two pandemics happening simultaneously. Both need our immediate prayers, attention, leadership, and legislation to help bring them under control until they end.
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