Therapy, Prayer, and Faith: A Powerful and Overlooked Winning Combination

🔥How are you feeling today? Everyone is finding different coping mechanisms during these uncertain times during the #Covid19 pandemic crisis. There are several constants we can focus on: Love isn’t cancelled, laughter is great for our souls, we get to choose how we respond to what’s happening in the world, and most importantly, God’s protection is real and He is in control!

Learn how to let love be the fuel that propels your passion for excellence which drives success!

🥰 How am I coping? Aside from LOTS of humor, wonderful and unconditional love and support from my significant other, assistance from my Mother and super awesome brothers, and an outpouring of support from family and friends virtually with the help of social media, I chose therapy for myself and my daughter alongside our faith as a way to help us stay grounded and remain in the growth zone during these times.

👩🏽‍💻We’re all realizing how important connection really matters and makes a huge difference in all of our lives. Equally so, I pray that everyone realizes how critical mental health is and plays a tremendous part in how we come out on the other side of this seemingly surreal and somewhat apocalyptic experience. I am happy you stopped scrolling social media long enough to read this important message encouraging the wellness of the human condition and what’s critical to our ability to thrive in spite of all that’s presented before us and constantly changing during these unprecedented circumstances and times.

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Self love is becoming your best self so you can receive the love you deserve deserve everyday!

🧐When you look at the assessment below, really take time to think about or even write about your feelings. Be honest with yourself. It’s okay. Don’t worry. There are no wrong answers. The key is to grow from wherever you find yourself and keep on growing. Life is so precious. It’s a journey and we all only get one trip! The key is to #IGNITEyourLife every single second and every single step of the way! 🔥 Aside from prayer, positive thinking, self care and encouragement, a mental health professional can help you navigate through these stages toward optimal growth and mental awareness. We are a reflection of what’s happening inside us! We must take great care of the inner man and woman inside of each of us.

🤔Where do you find yourself on this valuable graphic immediately below?

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🔥It’s never too late to live the life you want!

⚖️🌇🌃 Aside from our business, media, marketing and paralegal services, we partner with a network of virtual and in person therapists around the world. If you need a referral, contact us or call your local provider. cares and always wants you to get the help you need and deserve! ❤️💪🏾

🔥IGNITE = Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy™️

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Published by Toy Parker

Toy Parker of, currently ignites the lives of audiences as an emcee, radio, and television host while on the speaking circuit against all odds through her #IGNITEyourLife platform and movement. (IGNITE = Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy) Her work over her past 20 plus years in broadcasting alone while overcoming life's challenges, has been featured on The Word Network, FOX, CBS, ABC, and various radio stations around the world. Toy is a professional level empowerment and wellness speaker with 20 plus years experience in empowering audiences in cities, universities, corporations, churches and groups of all sizes. By the grace of God, her #IGNITEyourLife platform has also expanded to include but is not limited to a Radio and Television Network which has a worldwide audience of listeners and viewers. This dynamic radio and television show host is referred to as the Breakthrough BOSS and Empowerment Engineer who helps everyone she encounters breakthrough fears and challenges to achieve the success in love, life and business they deserve today! She is also a featured empowerment expert on, the number one self-help website on the Internet. To read her full bio, read excerpts from her upcoming books, and to view projects that showcase her media prowess, be sure to visit today! Additionally, Toy's corporate materials created on diversity within the healthcare industry have been featured in publications for Cigna. Her sales and marketing materials created for Hendrick Automotive Group are still used to date for Hendrick Buick Cadillac and GMC. She is a Modelpreneur, Empowerment Speaker, Creative Content, Marketing and Media Strategist who was recently named one of the top Media Professionals of 2014. She is also a former North Carolina spokesmodel for Covergirl, Oil of Olay, Cadillac and other reputable companies in the United States and abroad. Her books and articles of empowerment are published worldwide and she is ready to connect with you today! Main Areas: Love, Life, and Business Empowerment Best Sellers: #LiveLOVEdaily: Living Our Vision Everyday Poetry and Wisdom Collection, #IGNITEyourLife: Ultimate Sparks for a 30 Day Breakthrough Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Creative Content Marketing and Media Strategist Affiliation: #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network, #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Breakthrough Institute, Live Wire Productions Plus, Village Connector TV Network, Abundance Society, Women Speakers Association, Peak Performers Institute

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