Truth Exposed: The Ugly Duckling was Never Ugly! Get #2020vision365™️ with Toy Parker and #IGNITEyourLife™️🔥

Transparency Spark: Would you believe that when I was a child I didn’t think that I was or would ever be #beautiful?

People would tell me I was pretty but I often found it hard to believe. For years behind the glasses and braces after being teased most of my life I had to fight within to see and even find my own #beauty. The struggle was real but I was victorious. #GodDidIt #WontHeDoIt

🥰Our beautiful shrinkage is so real!! 🥰
I pinned my hair back sometimes because I was uncomfortable with my beautiful curly hair. In the above picture, I pinned my hair back because I wanted a different look and because I love the look it created! Plus, my significant other loves it that way! 😘
🥰 Me at 3 years old with Mommy back in the day 🥰

When I read the ugly duckling story as a child, I often thought, “That’s me!” One day I’m going to be a beautiful swan! I am so thankful for the realization in my adult life that I was always beautiful from the inside out. I wasn’t an ugly duckling that turned into a swan. I was already a swan from birth- beautifully and wonderfully made. #mentalfloss

I grew to love my hair without feeling the need to straighten it to “prove” that I have long hair. 💞🦋💞

I stopped subscribing to the looks in magazines, and the outside voices and finally subscribed to myself. That took courage and self acceptance. I can smile through the pains of life because I trust God at this point in my life more than I ever have. That’s what makes me beautiful now. When I am told that by the one I love that he feels I am beautiful it now means so much more and touches my soul because I can believe it as the truth. My thank you is truly heart felt. #growth

I’ve worked hard to teach my daughter to love herself inside and out 💞🦋💞 Self perceptions dictate the way you view life and your ability to thrive in it!

God has brought me through the unimaginable over decades to a place of peace beyond even my own understanding. I walk each step of each day in faith that my life is a testimony of greatness and perseverance against all odds.

My gray hair started coming in hot this fall, 🤣🤣so my great friend who owns Naveah Designs Salon, Shabbowanna Parker, had Ebony (far right) to help design a new look just in time for the new upcoming decade of my life! Turning 45 in September and still looking as young and vibrant as I do is a true testament to God’s Grace and Glory!

I choose to #LiveLOVEdaily™️ starting with myself so I can bring you Sparks each day to help you #IGNITEyourLife™

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IGNITE = Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy™️

Every single day I choose joy!

My prayer is that this helped someone today. Know you were, are, and will always be beautiful/handsome! Do the inside work to match the external so you can be one with the world that was created for you to enjoy! Choose to #IGNITEyourLife today!

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