Gratitude with Grace for His Glory

I’m so grateful for this beautiful sunset on Thanksgiving Day in America in spite of all the troubling times across the nation.

Remember that even in the darkest of times on earth, the sun still shines every day. Even when the storms of life surround you and the rain is pouring down, remember that the sun continues to shine. Just because you can’t see the breakthrough you’re looking for —doesn’t mean it won’t manifest!

From us to you — Happy Thanksgiving!!
Know that your labor in faith is not in vain! Continue to exude gratitude with grace for His glory because your very life is a living testimony waiting to be told!
Trust the process.

As you read this, remember every second of your life is a choice. Choose joy! Choose peace! Choose to thrive and not survive! Choose to face and overcome your childhood, teenage and adult traumas to be the vessel of love, passion, compassion and mindfulness that you were created to be!

Choose to be the light in your own tunnel that paves the way to your #BreakthroughSuccess™️ while allowing your light to shine onto every path you take! Remember, every second is another chance to get it right! Never give up!

You are greater than the darkest time in your life! You were created to enjoy life! You were born to live a life with ease! This can only happen if you choose to believe and have faith that life is happening for you and not to you! It’s time to shift your mindset so that you can change your life!

We are here to help you find your purpose, clarify your passion, and increase your revenue while shifting your mindset to one that is re-trained to consistently achieve breakthrough success with tried, true and proven methods!

Live Wire Productions Plus dba is here to serve you!

JANUARY 1998 – PRESENT 21 years of experience, passion, innovation and excellence in action!

✅ Independent contractor for business, paralegal, marketing and media services in person and virtually.

✅ Paralegal services include but is not limited to: online filing through CRMs, interrogatories, contract drafting, transcription, obtaining medical records, interviewing clients, intake process, conflict checks, follow up, and legal correspondence.

✅ Business and Marketing services include, but are not limited to: providing email marketing content, blog articles, social media management, consultation, business development and reputation management support.

✅ Multimedia production, directing and producing.

✅ Author, Keynote Empowerment and Wellness Speaker, Spokesmodel, Business, Marketing, and Media Strategist.

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We’re helping you BE the light in the tunnel that blazes your way out of the darkness of life and into your personal and professional breakthrough success!

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