Ultimate Sparks for a 30-Day Breakthrough

The video above is a brief snippet (raw footage) of what I shared with a recent live audience of entrepreneurs, business and education professionals as well as parents with a dream of being successful on the home front as well as in the marketplace.

As you are reading this right now, know that this is not by accident or by happen chance. All things have a Divine purpose along your journey. Know that there are solutions to every single challenge you face and they exist right inside of you. Now is the time to go inward and soar! It’s time to #IGNITEyourLife in love, life and business and live the life you have always wanted to live! It all starts with intention. Yes, it starts with you.

It’s time to be more intentional about the way we believe, think, speak, and take action in our lives every single moment of our lives. We only get one trip and it’s past time for us to enjoy the journey! Are you ready to maximize every single moment of your life?

The word “IGNITE” in my #IGNITEyourlife with Toy Parker speaking platform and network stands for Inspiring Growth Now with Intensity and Transparent Energy. It’s time to live “your truth” and grow through life’s challenges which are preparing you for your “next”.

By the grace of God, my speaking platform and network is endorsed by the world’s leading motivational speaker, Les Brown, world-renown  comedienne, actress, author, and speaker, Kim Coles, plus many other powerhouses in the music, education, and entertainment industries.

Their continued support along with that of the online and various social media communities, friends and family plus many followers who I have helped become leaders in their own right — have fueled my passion to continue to help others live their best life every single day of their lives! My mission is to consistently create and help sustain perpetual #BreakthroughSuccess around the world!

Are you ready for Ultimate Sparks for a 30-Day Breakthrough? In my upcoming #IGNITEyourLife book, I discuss the very best “sparks” from years of daily social media posts and experiences which have empowered tens of thousands (and counting) around the world and provide powerful interactive lessons to help you literally #IGNITEyourLife.



I’m ready to speak to you directly beyond my book. Are you ready to receive? It takes 28 days to break a bad habit which stems from more than just a thought pattern.

I’ve intentionally added two extra days of empowerment to make sure you have #BreakthroughSuccess in love, life and business for the rest of your life– as long as you are willing to be consistently intentional about it! In the meantime, I’m ready to #IGNITEyourLife!

There are so many people who are a prisoner of their past and some are even a prisoner to the present opinions of people who are toxic and perpetuate toxic relationships.

It’s time to understand that your have been free all along. All you needed was to have a set intention to #IGNITEyourLife and allow that momentum to propel you into your  destiny.

I am on a mission to help change the world one “spark” at a time!


To request an #IGNITEyourLife tour stop to have Toy speak LIVE in your city,

click this link to set your appointment today!

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As you go about your days ahead,

don’t look for the light at the end of the tunnel any more!

IGNITEyourLife book cover reveal

Instead choose to BE THE LIGHT that blazes a trail of success as you #IGNITEyourLife from the inside out every single day of your life!

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