Why #TheLoveFactor Makes a Difference in Relationships, Life and Business

Believe it or not, the one thing that everything great originates from is love. It’s consistent passion in motion that builds empires. It’s love that believes all and conquers all that keeps relationships which go through hell alive in spite of it all. It’s love that truly makes the world go around as it turns through the ups and downs of life. Its that ever-present energy that transcends time and miles that matters more than anything. Most importantly, it’s the love for ourselves that determines how far we excel in and thrive in love, life, and in business. It’s what I call #TheLoveFactor.

Today, so many of us walk around searching and searching for “real” love and tear up relationships meant to help us because of those in our past who have hurt us. The truth is that love itself is “real” so you don’t have to search for real love. It will reveal itself if you pay attention to the love inside of you rather than your fears. Someone missed that: Love is real. Anything outside of that is fear and a lie. Love is the truth. Love always prevails. Love never fails. Love is. Hurt people hurt people. Love didn’t hurt you. Love didn’t cheat on you. Love didn’t leave you. Love didn’t disappoint you. People did.

Now that we have brought truth to light here today beyond the lights as you read this– let’s go deeper. Let’s talk about how we can believe in impossible goals to achieve in business yet somehow many of us are unable to transfer that same energy and faith into believing that we can actually achieve a healthy and loving relationship with someone who truly loves us. Love is your business. We must love ourselves enough to feel again well after the pain. We must love ourselves enough to believe again after the rain. We must love ourselves enough to believe in love that sustains, nurtures, and maintains a real relationship that we deserve. You see, as aforementioned, love is real. There are just some relationships which aren’t real due to people who are projecting the lie they tell themselves onto the people they decide to be in a relationship with. That is an unfortunate reality but understand that there is hope. There are people who want to love and be loved in return with faithfulness, honesty, sincerity, loyalty and so much more. We just have to love ourselves enough to recognize and appreciate love when it comes to us. Love recognizes love just as game recognizes game. Just something to think about. #TheLoveFactor

Once we realize that we deserve love, we can become champions in love and overcome the pain and disappointments of the past. People are not perfect. Only Jesus is and we can be perfect in Him through our belief in Him. Love covers all. God’s love (perfect love) casts out fear. Fear has torment. It’s time for us to decide to no longer be tormented by our past without apologies. We can be conquerors in love. We can channel that energy through our personal relationships into the rest of our lives. We can set healthy boundaries and decide that we love ourselves enough to have unlimited abundance in our careers–to achieve more, our finances–to earn more, our family relationships–to fellowship more and our personal relationships with those we love–to love more. It will help us be clearer in our decisions across the board wherever we are. Clearing out that negative energy of holding onto the past makes room for more positivity, more opportunities, and most of all — more love. You are worth it. Your life deserves it. Apply #TheLoveFactor to your life today.

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