Make September a Month to Remember! #IGNITEyourLife 🔥

This entire year has been a roller coaster ride for sure for so many! My heart and prayers go out to anyone who has lost anyone up to this very day in our story (history). My heart and prayers equally go out to anyone in a financial crisis situation that they cannot seem to see their way through or out. These are truly trying times for us all in varying degrees. One thing I know for sure: God is real, His uncommon favor is real, His grace and mercies never cease, and if you believe, you are covered by the precious blood of Jesus.

Never give up. As the late Dr. (Bishop) Frank Summerfield used to say: Pressure the problem with prayer, praise and perseverance!

My life is truly a living testimony of what I like to call #RelentlessResilience. Even as I write this, I face circumstances that truly require a child-like faith. We all do from time to time. This year has been exceptional in its share of valleys and challenges. Always remember, that it is in the darkness that we need to heal from the inside out through our inner dialogue with ourselves to become the light we need to make it out of the tunnel into our Breakthrough Success! Greater is coming. You must feel it before you see it in order to achieve it! Joy truly comes in the morning!

These may be strange times but remember there`s nothing new under the sun. We must use this time to correct our mistakes and prepare for the unknown knowing that God is ultimately in control of it all but also that faith without works is dead. We must be diligent in our efforts to thrive in spite of the obstacles. You get what you focus on. Stay the course on the journey to success, love, self-care, prosperity, peace and freedom to be who you are destined to become! The answers are inside of you. Lean in to expand!

I choose to continue to pray, praise and consistently persevere through to the victory that is mine! Your victory is in your next step, your next effort, your next second of gratitude, and your next choice to believe that in spite of all that is going on in the world, you truly can do ALL things through Christ no matter what situations look like. Keep the faith. Keep your eyes on the promise and the prize! See it, feel it, say it and believe it so you can walk into your blessings that are waiting for you on the other side!

Stay in your own race at your own pace!
Remember that what someone says about you has everything to do with how they view themselves. Listen carefully and move accordingly.
I pray peace for your heart, mind, body and Soul today and always.
This is what I am experiencing. The growth is very uncomfortable but extremely necessary! I am grateful for the expansion of my life!

As you go through this month, make time to be easier on yourself. The world has enough demands on you than for you to add to it. Choose to make September a month to remember not just through achievements, but through the internal dialogue necessary to put peace, harmony, love, ease, beauty, and spiritual calm and rest first. My goal to keep not just my skin moisturized but to keep my Soul moisturized with love and light. What is your main September goal? Feel free to comment below! We would love to hear from you and yours!

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