💕🦋💕#BeautyIsWellness with Toy™️: Tribute to Kristoff St. John on Parenting and Mental Health Awareness

Parenting is about your journey with your child and securing their sense of well being. #IGNITEyourLife and remember we must always be mindful and intentional about the way we’re parenting our children.

Today’s Spark is in honor of Kristoff St. John, who was so much more than a great actor. He most importantly was a great husband and father who felt helpless in the fight to help their child stay alive and enjoy life itself.

We are parents of a growing teenager with emotions she’s learning to manage while making a difference in a world that isn’t always just or even morally right. It can be a very laborious and a sometimes even overwhelming effort to help teens while trying to balance bills, work, business, family and life itself. The good news is that we can do ALL things through Christ Jesus and He gives us tools and resources readily available through mental health agencies, therapists, and coaches like myself who have been in the trenches and are on the other side still persevering by faith and winning with each new milestone from glory to glory by the grace of God.

Our children are worth it all: every job sacrifice, every tear, every late night, every early morning struggle and every prayer to God for our child’s Divine healing and deliverance from their own darkness to keep them in the light. We must remain their lighthouse so they can see their way out of their shadows and into their own glorious light! Our love for them beyond teaching them right from wrong is critical. We must help them process their thoughts and their perception of the world around them so they can become healthy adults who don’t have to overcome their child within to succeed as an adult. They can have a growth mindset that will take them beyond the limits they impose on themselves. If we as parents do the groundwork, they will learn they have unlimited potential and create a mentally stable environment ready to foster healthy careers, relationships and one day families of their own as the whole and healthy adults they deserve to become in due time.

PEOPLE Magazine reports, “The Young and the Restless family will say goodbye to their costar and dear friend Kristoff St. John as CBS prepares to air the late actor’s final episode on Wednesday, PEOPLE confirms.
The network plans to air a special tribute to St. John during the episode on Friday, a rep for CBS tells PEOPLE.
On Sunday, St. John was found dead at his home in the San Fernando Valley. He was 52.”

Let us celebrate his life by having courageous conversations with our loved ones about how they feel about themselves and about the world around them that’s actually happening from the inside out every single day.

We will truly never know what happened in his last moments prior to his transition but we can learn from him to make our families, our own lives and our children’s lives the best they can be through mental health awareness.
As a devoted husband, father and coworker Kristoff St. John represents the journey of many of us who are alive and remain committed to not giving up on our children and inspires us to ask the tough questions and find the best resources needed to help those who suffer in silence with any form of mental illness. The signs are always visible if we take the time to listen and observe beyond the hustle and bustle of our to-do lists to hear the heartbeats of our loved ones daily.

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