#IGNITEyourLife and Go through the Fire So You Can BREAKTHROUGH!

Often times, people feel they have to sell themselves out to the world and blend in just to “make it big”. Today, I submit to you that you do not have to do that at all. You can choose to not follow the crowd, still stand out and shine all on your own. The real grind is the road less traveled where there are no coattails or bandwagons to ride on. This is the place where you must #IGNITEyourLife and blaze your own trail of success with class, integrity, real work and no backhanded market entry or controlling territory domination moves! Let the shine from your grind penetrate markets and dismantle doors that others try to close to keep you out of because you are an unstoppable force of love. Continue to choose to shine over shade. Choose to rise to a higher level of humanity. This is the place where you are loved and respected simply for being exactly who you are and the support you receive is genuine, and sincere without ulterior motives because authenticity and excellence are your hallmarks.

When you don’t play games and yet you still continue to change the game–THAT’S a true game changer! If you understood Genesis 1:26, you’d understand that you don’t have to try to dominate what you already have dominion of. THAT’S real domination (Kingdom Mentality). When your actions set trends and inspire ideas that create more action–THAT’S true innovation. Your confidence in God and in His ability to work through you to achieve the impossible sees you through to victory in every area of your life. Many will wonder how you did it all the real way with passion from nothing but your faith that worketh by love itself! THAT is success! When your grind is so loud that money hears you and finds you! THAT’S cash flow! Many are born into this life but only a few choose to truly live it right now. Life is a series of decisions. Choose wisely. Every second is another chance to turn your life completely around and change the course of your life.

Don’t be afraid of the fire on the other side of your fear. The fire never burns you. It only purifies you and reveals the real you! Never give up no matter what! Just believe and be forever you! Your gifts will make room for you. My soul is a witness because THIS is who I am. I am forever Toy – an unstoppable force of love. A champion. An achiever. An original. An innovator. A pace setter. The one who doesn’t play games but remains a game changer who is not here to impress but instead here to impact and #IGNITEyourLife so you can live the #EPICLIFENOW you deserve everyday in love, life, and business! This road less traveled on the way to becoming #BlazingAmazing is not easy but it is well worth every labor pain to birth miracle after miracle to help change the world one spark at a time…and hold your feet directly to the fire so you too can truly BREAKTHROUGH by being exactly who you are!

Excerpt from upcoming book

#IGNITEyourLife: Ultimate Sparks for a 30 Day BREAKTHROUGH by Toy Parker

Copyright © 2015 Toy Parker. All Rights Reserved.

The book is dedicated to everyone who wants to be more, achieve more and those who have ever supported me personally or professionally plus those who continue to support the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network.

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